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I guess I have become something of a fanatic about Walt Disney World (but I've seen worse;^). Debbie and I went in 1988, and we took Nick for the first time for the 25th aniversary in 1997. We then went back in the summer of 1999, made the millennium celebration in February of 2000 (that trip was centered on Nick's birthday). In March of 2001, we combined a trip to WDW with a Disney Cruise. From the standpoint of weather, prices, and crowds, going in February wins hands down!  Whenever you go, though, you'll have a blast!

We've bought into Disney Vacation Club now. We have points at the Wilderness Lodge Villas, although we are wishing it was Boardwalk Villas at this point.  But, we're still confident it will work out well.

Our Trip Reports and Photos

OK, but what you probably want to see are the reports and photos from our trips. So, here they are:

  1. Photos of our 1999 trip
  2. Summer 1999 Trip Report (on Brian Bennett's Site)
  3. Millennium Trip Report (on Brian Bennett's Site)
  4. Web page for our 2001 WDW trip and cruise
  5. Web page for our December 2001, January 2002 WDW Trip
  6. Web Page for our October 2002 WDW Trip
  7. Video page (2002 WDW Trip)
  8. Web page for our March 2006 WDW trip
  9. Web page for our December 2006/January 2007 WDW trip
  10. Web page for our March 2009 WDW trip
  11. Web page for our December 2009/January 2010 WDW trip

For More Info

If you are looking for some more great Disney World information, planning tips, and so forth, check out the Walt Disney World Information Guide!

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